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“ I have the desire to photograph. I come upon something that excites me emotionally, spiritually, aesthetically. I see the picture in my minds eye and I compose and expose the negative. I give you the print as the equivalent of what I saw and felt.” Alfred Stieglitz

Although the world of photography is now almost entirely digital, I continue to work with large format film and silver gelatin paper as I believe that for monochrome it still gives the best image quality.

The greatest quality of photographic art, in my opinion, has always been that it is an expression of reality and a good photographer can find beauty in the world without resorting to manipulation.

My work is straightforward and truthful. I continue to work with only two cameras. My 8” x 10” view camera and my no. 8 Cirkut camera.

My method is to travel around America and find beauty in the landscape, not only the natural world but also in small towns, churches and churchyards, schools and schoolyards machine shops, grocery stores, water towers, windmills, grain elevators, hardware stores and anything else that I find expressive of a life that is a part of the world.

While much new photography is computer based, I am still a traditional photographer